Source code for repobee.util

"""Some general utility functions.

.. module:: util
    :synopsis: Miscellaneous utility functions that don't really belong
        anywhere else.

.. moduleauthor:: Simon Larsén
import os
import sys
import pathlib
from typing import Iterable, Generator, Union
from repobee import tuples

[docs]def read_issue(issue_path: str) -> tuples.Issue: """Attempt to read an issue from a textfile. The first line of the file is interpreted as the issue's title. Args: issue_path: Local path to textfile with an issue. """ if not os.path.isfile(issue_path): raise ValueError("{} is not a file".format(issue_path)) with open(issue_path, "r", encoding=sys.getdefaultencoding()) as file: return tuples.Issue(file.readline().strip(),
[docs]def generate_repo_name(team_name: str, master_repo_name: str) -> str: """Construct a repo name for a team. Args: team_name: Name of the associated team. master_repo_name: Name of the template repository. """ return "{}-{}".format(team_name, master_repo_name)
[docs]def generate_repo_names( team_names: Iterable[str], master_repo_names: Iterable[str] ) -> Iterable[str]: """Construct all combinations of generate_repo_name(team_name, master_repo_name) for the provided team names and master repo names. Args: team_names: One or more names of teams. master_repo_names: One or more names of master repositories. Returns: a list of repo names for all combinations of team and master repo. """ master_repo_names = list( master_repo_names ) # needs to be traversed multiple times return [ generate_repo_name(team_name, master_name) for master_name in master_repo_names for team_name in team_names ]
[docs]def generate_review_team_name(student: str, master_repo_name: str) -> str: """Generate a review team name. Args: student: A student username. master_repo_name: Name of a master repository. Returns: a review team name for the student repo associated with this master repo and student. """ return generate_repo_name(student, master_repo_name) + "-review"
[docs]def repo_name(repo_url: str) -> str: """Extract the name of the repo from its url. Args: repo_url: A url to a repo. """ repo_name = repo_url.split("/")[-1] if repo_name.endswith(".git"): return repo_name[:-4] return repo_name
[docs]def is_git_repo(path: str) -> bool: """Check if a directory has a .git subdirectory. Args: path: Path to a local directory. Returns: True if there is a .git subdirectory in the given directory. """ return os.path.isdir(path) and ".git" in os.listdir(path)
def _ends_with_ext( path: Union[str, pathlib.Path], extensions: Iterable[str] ) -> bool: _, ext = os.path.splitext(str(path)) return ext in extensions
[docs]def find_files_by_extension( root: Union[str, pathlib.Path], *extensions: str ) -> Generator[pathlib.Path, None, None]: """Find all files with the given file extensions, starting from root. Args: root: The directory to start searching. extensions: One or more file extensions to look for. Returns: a generator that yields a Path objects to the files. """ if not extensions: raise ValueError("must provide at least one extension") for cwd, _, files in os.walk(root): for file in files: if _ends_with_ext(file, extensions): yield pathlib.Path(cwd) / file