Source code for _repobee.ext.javac

"""Plugin that runs javac on all files in a repo.

.. important::

    Requires ``javac`` to be installed and accessible by the script!

This plugin is mostly for demonstrational purposes, showing off some of the
more advanced features of the plugin system. It, very unintelligently, finds
all of the ``.java`` files in a repository and tries to compile them all at the
same time. Duplicate files etc. will cause this to fail.

The point of this plugin is however mostly to demonstrate how to use the hooks,
and specifically the more advanced use of the ``clone_parser_hook`` and
``parse_args`` hooks.

.. module:: javac
    :synopsis: Plugin that tries to compile all .java files in a repo.

.. moduleauthor:: Simon Larsén
import subprocess
import sys
import pathlib
from typing import Union, Iterable, Tuple

from _repobee import util

import repobee_plug as plug

PLUGIN_NAME = "javac"
PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION = "Runs javac on student repos after cloning"

[docs]class JavacCloneHook(plug.Plugin, plug.cli.CommandExtension): """Containe for the plugin hooks allowing for persistence between adding/parsing arguments and acting on the repo. """ __settings__ = plug.cli.command_extension_settings( actions=[plug.cli.CoreCommand.repos.clone] ) javac_ignore = plug.cli.option( help="Filenames to ignore.", configurable=True, argparse_kwargs={"nargs": "+"}, )
[docs] def post_clone( self, repo: plug.StudentRepo, api: plug.PlatformAPI ) -> plug.Result: """Run ``javac`` on all .java files in the repo. Args: repo: A student repo. api: A platform API class instance. Returns: a Result specifying the outcome. """ ignore = list(self.javac_ignore or []) java_files = [ str(file) for file in util.find_files_by_extension(repo.path, ".java") if not in ignore ] if not java_files: msg = "no .java files found" status = plug.Status.WARNING return plug.Result(PLUGIN_NAME, status, msg) status, msg = self._javac(java_files) return plug.Result(PLUGIN_NAME, status, msg)
def _javac( self, java_files: Iterable[Union[str, pathlib.Path]] ) -> Tuple[plug.Status, str]: """Run ``javac`` on all of the specified files, assuming that they are all ``.java`` files. Args: java_files: paths to ``.java`` files. Returns: (status, msg), where status is e.g. is a :py:class:`repobee_plug.Status` code and the message describes the outcome in plain text. """ command = ["javac", *[str(path) for path in java_files]] proc = command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE ) if proc.returncode != 0: status = plug.Status.ERROR msg = proc.stderr.decode(sys.getdefaultencoding()) else: msg = "all files compiled successfully" status = plug.Status.SUCCESS return status, msg