Source code for repobee_plug.cli.base

"""Specification for RepoBee's core CLI categories and actions."""
import enum
import itertools

from typing import Iterator

from repobee_plug.cli.categorization import Category, Action
from repobee_plug._immutable import ImmutableMixin

class _CoreCommand(ImmutableMixin):
    """The core CLI specification for RepoBee. Specifies the categories and
    their actions.

    def iter_actions(self) -> Iterator[Action]:
        """Iterate over all command actions."""
        return iter(self)

    def __call__(self, key):
        category_map = { c for c in self._categories}
        if key not in category_map:
            raise ValueError(f"No such category: '{key}'")
        return category_map[key]

    def __iter__(self) -> Iterator[Action]:
        return itertools.chain.from_iterable(map(iter, self._categories))

    def __len__(self):
        return sum(map(len, self._categories))

    def _categories(self):
        return [
            for attr in self.__class__.__dict__.values()
            if isinstance(attr, Category)

    class _Repos(Category):
        setup: Action
        update: Action
        clone: Action
        migrate: Action

    class _Issues(Category):
        open: Action
        close: Action
        list: Action

    class _Config(Category):
        show: Action
        verify: Action

    class _Reviews(Category):
        assign: Action
        check: Action
        end: Action

    class _Teams(Category):
        create: Action

    repos = _Repos()
    issues = _Issues()
    config = _Config()
    reviews = _Reviews()
    teams = _Teams()

[docs]class BaseParser(enum.Enum): """Enumeration of base parsers that an extension command can request to have added to it. Attributes: BASE: Represents the base parser, which includes the ``--user``, ``--org-name``, ``--base-url`` and ``--token`` arguments. STUDENTS: Represents the students parser, which includes the ``--students`` and `--students-file`` arguments. ASSIGNMENTS: Represents the assignments parser, which includes the ``--assignments`` argument. REPO_DISCOVERY: Represents the repo discovery parser, which adds both the ``--assignments`` and the ``--discover-repos`` arguments. TEMPLATE_ORG: Represents the master organization parser, which includes the ``--master-org`` argument. """ BASE = "base" STUDENTS = "students" ASSIGNMENTS = "assignments" REPO_DISCOVERY = "repo-discovery" TEMPLATE_ORG = "template-org"