Source code for repobee_plug.cli.settings

"""Settings for declarative command line extensions."""
import collections

from typing import Optional, Union, List

from repobee_plug.cli.categorization import Category, Action
from repobee_plug.cli.base import BaseParser

CommandSettings = collections.namedtuple(

CommandExtensionSettings = collections.namedtuple(
    "CommandExtensionSettings", ["actions", "config_section_name"]

[docs]def command_settings( action: Optional[Union[str, Action]] = None, category: Optional[Category] = None, help: str = "", description: str = "", base_parsers: Optional[List[BaseParser]] = None, config_section_name: Optional[str] = None, ) -> CommandSettings: """Create a settings object for a :py:class:`Command`. Example usage: .. code-block:: python :caption: import repobee_plug as plug class Ext(plug.Plugin, plug.cli.Command): __settings__ = plug.cli.command_settings( action_name="hello", category=plug.cli.CoreCommand.config, ) def command(self): print("Hello, world!") This can then be called with: .. code-block:: bash $ repobee -p config hello Hello, world! Args: action: The name of this command, or a :py:class:`Action` object that defines both category and action for the command. Defaults to the name of the plugin class. category: The category to place this command in. If not specified, then the command will be top-level (i.e. uncategorized). If ``action`` is an :py:class:`Action` (as opposed to a ``str``), then this argument is not allowed. help: A help section for the command. This appears when listing the help section of the command's category. description: A help section for the command. This appears when listing the help section for the command itself. base_parsers: A list of base parsers to add to the command. config_section_name: The name of the configuration section the command should look for configurable options in. Defaults to the name of the plugin the command is defined in. Returns: A settings object used internally by RepoBee. """ if isinstance(action, Action): if category: raise TypeError( "argument 'category' not allowed when argument 'action' is an " "Action object" ) category = action.category return CommandSettings( action=action, category=category, help=help, description=description, base_parsers=base_parsers, config_section_name=config_section_name, )
[docs]def command_extension_settings( actions: List["Action"], config_section_name: Optional[str] = None ) -> CommandExtensionSettings: """Settings for a :py:class:`CommandExtension`. Args: actions: A list of actions to extend. config_section_name: Name of the configuration section that the command extension will fetch configuration values from. Defaults to the name of the plugin in which the extension is defined. Returns: A wrapper object for settings. """ if not actions: raise ValueError( f"argument 'actions' must be a non-empty list: {actions}" ) return CommandExtensionSettings( actions=actions, config_section_name=config_section_name )