RepoBee and Gitea


Gitea support in RepoBee is in early development. All features are implemented, but there are known shortcomings and we currently don’t recommend using it in a live environment.

RepoBee supports Gitea through the built-in gitea plugin. Gitea is very similar to GitHub, and the terminology relating to RepoBee (organization, team, etc) is identical.

How to use RepoBee with Gitea

You must use the gitea plugin for RepoBee to be able to interface with a Gitea instance. See Installing plugins (the install action) for instructions on how to use plugins. This is one of those plugins that you’ll want to activate persistently with plugin activate. Other than that, usage with Gitea is identical to that with GitHub.

Getting an access token for Gitea

To create a personal access token for a Gitea instance, log in and then click your profile picture in the top right corner. From there, click Settings and then go to the Applications menu. At the top you’ll find a small section for generating a new token.

Trying out RepoBee with the Gitea test instance

We provide a test instance at on which you can play around with RepoBee in an environment where messing up isn’t a big deal. To use the test instance, simply sign up (you can use a bogus email address) and have fun!


The test instance is automatically wiped clean every 24 hours at around 1-2am UTC. No data is retained, be that accounts or repository contents, so don’t store anything important on the instance!