Source code for repobee_plug.fileutils

"""Utility functions for reading and writing to files."""
import pathlib
import sys
import os
import hashlib
from typing import List, Union

from repobee_plug import exceptions
from import generate_repo_name

from repobee_plug.localreps import StudentTeam

__all__ = ["parse_students_file", "hash_path", "generate_repo_path"]

[docs]def parse_students_file(path: pathlib.Path) -> List[StudentTeam]: """Parse the students file. Args: path: Path to the students fil. Returns: A list of teams. Raises: :py:class:`exceptions.FileError` """ if not path.is_file(): raise exceptions.FileError(f"'{path}' is not a file") if not path.stat().st_size: raise exceptions.FileError(f"'{path}' is empty") return [ StudentTeam(members=group.strip().split()) for group in path.read_text(encoding=sys.getdefaultencoding()).split( os.linesep ) if group # skip blank lines ]
[docs]def hash_path(path: Union[str, pathlib.Path]) -> str: """Hash the path with SHA1. .. important:: This is not a security function, it's just to avoid name collisions in. Args: path: A path to hash. Returns: The hexdigest of the SHA1 hash of the path. """ enc = sys.getdefaultencoding() return hashlib.sha1(str(path).encode(enc)).hexdigest() # nosec
[docs]def generate_repo_path( root: Union[str, pathlib.Path], team_name: str, template_repo_name: str ) -> pathlib.Path: """Generate a relative path to the student repo. Args: team_name: Name of the student team. template_repo_name: Name of the template repo. Returns: A relative path to the student repo. """ return ( pathlib.Path(root) / team_name / generate_repo_name(team_name, template_repo_name) )