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Welcome to RepoBee’s documentation!

If you are new to RepoBee, the Introduction and RepoBee User Guide sections are must-reads. Developers looking to work on RepoBee, or fork it, are probably most interested in the Module Index. Developers looking to create plugins should head over to the repobee-plug Developer Documentation.

If you use the RepoBee User Guide in any way and feel like skipping Getting started, make sure to read Configure RepoBee for the target organization (the config category) anyway! The rest of the guide assumes a configuration as described there.

The entire core CLI (i.e. without plugins) is also documented in the CLI documentation. This is both handy as reference material for existing users, and for prospective users to get a clear understanding of what RepoBee can do.


Having issues? Check the Troubleshooting FAQ to see if you can find a solution for your problem.


Please open an issue over on the issue tracker if you find documentation bugs, have trouble understanding something or think something is missing. Especially when it comes to the userguide, which is intended to be as intuitive as possible, please do provide feedback if you get stuck.

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