Source code for repobee_plug.serialize

"""JSON serialization/deserialization functions.

.. module:: serialize
    :synopsis: JSON serialization/deserialization functions.
import json
from typing import Mapping, List

from repobee_plug.hook import Result, Status

[docs]def result_mapping_to_json(result_mapping: Mapping[str, List[Result]]) -> str: """Serialize a result mapping ``repo_name: str -> hook_results: List[Result]`` to JSON. """ hook_results_as_dicts = { repo_name: { {"status": h.status.value, "msg": h.msg, "data":} for h in hook_results } for repo_name, hook_results in result_mapping.items() } return json.dumps(hook_results_as_dicts, indent=4, ensure_ascii=False)
[docs]def json_to_result_mapping(json_string: str) -> Mapping[str, List[Result]]: """Deserialize a JSON string to a mapping ``repo_name: str -> hook_results: List[Result]`` """ json_dict = json.loads(json_string) return { repo_name: [ Result( name=hook, status=Status(val["status"]), msg=val["msg"], data=val["data"], ) for hook, val in hook_dicts.items() ] for repo_name, hook_dicts in json_dict.items() }